Anesthesia System Inspection, Calibration, & Service

anesthesia system inspection

SOMNI Scientific specializes in the sale and service of anesthesia systems for animal welfare and research communities. Our expertise is in the maintenance and design of complete Anesthesia Systems which fit your requirements.


At SOMNI Scientific, Our Standard Anesthesia Systems Service Includes:

  • Inspection of the vaporizer to ensure that there are no leaks, the vaporizer functions as designed and there is no obvious damage.
  • Output test of vaporizer using a Riken Portable Gas Analyzer at each dial setting to ensure the output is within the manufacturer’s allowed tolerances.
  • Replace and upgrade all rubber tubing with new medical grade silicone tubing as necessary.
  • Inspection of the carrier gas system (O2, Air, N2O, etc.) including flow meters, flow control, seals, regulators, quick disconnects and hoses.
  • Inspection of fresh gas delivery system (rebreathing system, non-rebreathing system, induction chamber, etc.).
  • Cleaning and lubrication where appropriate.
  • Inspection of all tubing, conduit, stopcocks, valves, O2 flush, etc.
  • Inspection of the waste anesthetic gas management system(s).
  • Provide a detailed report for each individual system including:
    • Recommendations for repair/replacement of parts, if any are discovered during inspection
    • Results from the Leak Test and Output Test of vaporizer including recommendations for the next scheduled professional service and calibration of each vaporizer
    • Compliance Service Label will be adhered to each vaporizer indicating the date and Pass/ Fail results of Leak and Output Test, that the devices are operating within manufacturer’s tolerances and next date for recommended inspection
    • Estimates provided upon request

SOMNI Scientific has expertise in the maintenance and design of complete research anesthesia systems – with local service performed by trained specialists.

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