The Importance of Anesthetic Machine Service

anesthetic machine service

Why Regular Anesthetic Machine Service Is Important

The main reason regular anesthetic machine service is important is that vaporizers are life-critical, precision instruments. When manufactured and serviced properly, they will deliver accurate concentrations of anesthetic agents – preventing catastrophic, life-endangering errors.

Vaporizer service maintains device accuracy and best practices. Vaporizer service maintains proper function, PREVENTS EXPOSURE from leaks, and complies with various agency requirements. SOMNI Scientific understands the importance of reliable equipment.


SOMNI Scientific Ensures Quality & Safety

At SOMNI Scientific, we are solution specialists with expertise in the maintenance and design of complete research anesthesia systems.

SOMNI specializes in anesthesia systems specific to Animal Health and Welfare – maintaining ISO 13485:2003 standards to ensure excellent clinical and technical support for research anesthesiology. 


Anesthesia Machine Service Options & Recommendations

At SOMNI Scientific, we offer two primary anesthetic machine service options

1. Vaporizer Service/Exchange:

A fully serviced and calibrated vaporizer is shipped to the customer. The customer uses prepaid return label to send their vaporizer back to our service center. No downtime.

2. Vaporizer Service/Turnaround:

Send your vaporizer to our service center for full service and calibration. You will receive the same vaporizer back.

*Vaporizer service interval based on manufacturer recommendation.

*SOMNI manufactured vaporizer service intervals are recommended every 2 years.

*Warranty is provided for every SOMNI machine.

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