Somni Rebreathing Anesthesia System

Product Description

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The SOMNI Rebreathing Anesthesia System was designed for Veterinary Use Only. It is a lightweight, durable, mobile system with 3-inch casters for maneuverability. The SOMNI Rebreathing Anesthesia System includes an incorporated toggle to switch between rebreathing and nonrebreathing systems, you do not have to remove the breathing circuits during use. There is a monitor shelf as well as a middle shelf to provide more workspace and keep the patient’s vitals and anesthesia controls in one area.

  • RM-17003: Somni Rebreathing Anesthesia System with F-circuit & 2L Bag and Modified Jackson Reese
  • VS-6002: Somni 3 Isoflurane Vaporizer
  • DS-14005: Bain Block Nonrebreathing Assembly with 72” Pram Circuit
  • MK-30009: Concentrator Shelf
  • OC-21000: Oxygen Concentrator
  • RE-20101: Single E-cylinder Manifold, O2
  • WG-15003: Somni W.A.G. Filters (case of 4)
  • PH-4013: W.A.G. Holder
  • GF-11006: Dual Gas Supply Assembly with Check Valves, O2

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs

Durable powder coated frame
Stable H-Style Base
Accurate Bobbin Style Oxygen Flowmeter
Oxygen Flush Safety Restrictor
Top Shelf For Patient Monitoring Device or Ventilator
Front Shelf for Patient Monitoring Device or other accessory
Switch for Non Re-breathing/ Re-Breathing
Fresh Gas Common Outlet
Medical Grade Silicone Tubing and Seals throughout
Easy Change SodaSorb canister

Options include

Dual E-tank
Oxygen Concentrator
Bain Manifold
Dual Vaporizer
MRI Compatible