Vaporizer Calibration

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Why Do Vaporizers Need Calibrated?

Vaporizers are pneumatic devices which, like an aircraft, are subject to constant pressure variations.  Preventative maintenance on your anesthetic vaporizers provides confidence in the clinical accuracy and the health and safety of patients and staff.  SOMNI Scientific offers service on a wide range of anesthetic vaporizers. Routine vaporizer service is critical in maintaining compliance and safety. This service cannot under any circumstances be performed on site.

Maintaining your vaporizer’s clinical accuracy is crucial for animal research and research use at your clinic, hospital or research facility.


How To Tell If Your Vaporizer Needs Calibrated:

  1. Control dial is difficult to turn.
  2. Dial turns freely with no output.
  3. Vapor percentage numbers are illegible OR worn.
  4. Leakage of liquid OR vapor.
  5. Smell of agent.
  6. Agent discoloration.
  7. Elapse of recommended service interval.

Why Use SOMNI For Your Vaporizer Calibration:

SOMNI Scientific has 75 years of combined experience in both human and research anesthesia vaporizers and systems.

Our vaporizer service and calibration process is robust and streamlined. Any hospital, clinic or research facility can mail SOMNI Scientific the anesthetic machine in need of service. Once we receive your device in the mail, it undergoes thorough testing, maintenance, and inspection to ensure its accuracy. 

As a result of SOMNI’s service, you will have a fully serviced and calibrated vaporizer, a copy of a comprehensive calibration certificate and confidence in your vaporizer’s clinical accuracy. Your vaporizer is now ready for use! Your facility, patients and staff have had little to no downtime and now meet all safety regulations.

To get started with your vaporizer calibration service today:

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