"SOMNI Scientific provides equipment and services to the animal welfare and research community with a focus on clinical accuracy, clinician/technician safety, economic performance and intuitive functionality."

SOMNI Scientifics roots are in both human and veterinary anesthesia.  SOMNI personnel have been at the cutting edge of vaporizer and anesthesia system design for over 35 years.  We have worked alongside the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and are involved in the advancement in animal research equipment.  SOMNI Scientific’s trained and knowledgeable staff bring unparalleled diversity and education throughout the veterinary and animal research field.

Our Core Values


SOMNI quality is paramount and at the root of all decision making. maintaining the highest of standards through clinical accuracy, service, manufacturing and customer support.


Providing support, reliability and trust in our state of the art line of veterinary vaporizers, machines and equipment.


SOMNIs expansive knowledge in the veterinary and research industry is passed along to our customers through continuing education and technical support.

Maintain your anesthesia system compliance.

While maintaining the highest of standards, SOMNI offers the capacity to service your vaporizer needs on site.

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What They’re Saying

“I highly recommend Somni Scientific for all your anesthetic equipment needs. Their service is outstanding. Not only are they knowledgeable about our machines, but also extremely efficient in addressing our concerns and performing our calibrations, certifications, and repairs. Most importantly of all, everyone at Somni is friendly and easy to work with. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Carol Akita
Safety Coordinator | The Scripps Research Institute | La Jolla, CA

“Somni has delivered topnotch service and equipment to our department and we could not be more grateful. Their customer service has been quick to respond with help on installation and troubleshooting. We recently purchased the RM-17003 and AMD-3 w/ EPS-3 for WAG protection and both units have been fantastic. They are both easy to use and offer the patient the anesthesia needed with user protection against waste anesthetic gases.

Frankie Colon
Feinstein Institute