Animal Temperature Heating Pad w/PID Controller

HT-15002 (250 x 150mm)
HT-15003 (140 X 80 mm)


Product Description

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The Somni DC Powered Heat plate with controller is an ultra-slim, low noise heating plate. It allows researchers to maintain the animal’s body temperature at a specific and precise temperature. The power input of the controller is 12 VDC (AC-DC power adapter is included). This low voltage reduces electric noise generated from the heating current. Uniform temperature distribution is achieved over the entire surface, while keeping the plate thin and cost low.

Additional information

Input Voltage

12 VDC

Output Voltage

12 VDC

Temperature Display Range

0-50.0 C

Min. Control Temp

5 C above ambient

Max Control Temp

50.00 C

Temp accuracy

+/- 0.1 C (in 25-50 C range)

Controller Dimensions

80x 30x 107mm (3.1x 1.2×4.2")


97 kg (2 lb)

Heat Pad Dimensions

HT-15002: 250 x 150mm (9.Bx 5.9")
HT-15003: 140 X 80 mm

Heat Pad Thickness

2mm (0.08")

Heat Pad Wattage

36W at 12VDC


1 year