Mouse and Rat Stereotaxic Nosecones for use w/Active Waste Gas Scavenging

Product Number: NC-19101

Product Description

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The SOMNI Mouse and Rat Stereotaxic Nosecones are designed to be used with stereotaxic devices to safely deliver and actively scavenge inhalant anesthesia.  The SOMNI Mouse Taxic and Rat Taxic each work with SOMNI EPS-3 or attenuated in-house vacuum system.

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs

Meets NIOSH standards for waste gas safety, when used properly.

Hyper branched active scavenging to each nose cone assuring compliance and user safety.

Hyper branched equal gas delivery to each nose cone prevents animal awakening.

Animals lay in a flat, natural position during anesthesia (no head torqueing).