SOMNI Rebreathing Anesthesia System Wall Mount

Product Description

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  • Low Profile mount to save space in OR.

  • Multi piece design makes for easy mounting.

  • High quality, durable, limited maintenance design.

  • Silicone tubing and gaskets throughout.

  • Designed to switch from a rebreathing circuit to a non-rebreathing circuit with a simple toggle switch.

  • Pressure Manometer center mount for immediate visibility.
  • Popoff valve releases excess pressure at 20cm H2O while maintaining passive volume in the rebreathing bag.
  • The oxygen toggle switch works as a built-in safety system, that keeps the pressure at 20PSI. This is designed with patient and user safety in mind.
  • Save space by wall mounting!
  • 90 degree gas fittings on back for easy O2 connections.
  • Anodized frame for easy cleaning.